My Sweet Sissy Lesbian Bride

Hello to all of you sissy lesbians, transgendered lesbians and crossdressing lesbians! I am phone sex Mistress Courtney and I just love you “men” that want to be women with women.  If you are just tuning in to the sissy lesbians blog, welcome!

I just have to tell you, I absolutely adore sissy lesbian phone sex!  It is so much fun!  Would you believe, I had another totally juicy session today.  It was awesome!  This particular sissy lesbian wanted me to make her my bride.  Well, let me tell you, that is about one of my very favorite fantasies ever.  We planned our entire wedding, and I wore the tux, and of course, my sweet sissy lesbian bride wore the white dress, with all of the beautiful lingerie underneath, and we had the most beautiful sissy lesbian wedding ceremony.  Naturally, our honeymoon was very spicy!  In our fantasy we imagined that we went to Provincetown so that we could be open and ourselves and accepted by the townspeople.  And we made love on the beach, and we ate at the Lobster Pot every day, and it was a glorious, and sensuous honeymoon filled with lots and lots of love making.  And my sissy lesbian wife wanted our fantasy to be so real that she even dressed up in a wedding dress and we said mock vows to each other while she was on her web cam.  It was so hot and so sweet.  I just loved it!  We even, after the fantasy was over, talked about starting a family.  How sweet is that?  And would you believe, my sweet sissy lesbian lover wanted to be the one to carry our babies.  Talk about girlie!  My sweet sissy lesbian bride was very girlie!  She actually brought out the butch in me!
Mistress Courtney and I just love you “men” that want to be women with women.  If you want to explore, express and celebrate your feminine side, give me a call and let’s play!

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